Resource Summary

Although the entire human genome sequence has been determined, real functions of human genes are far from being completely understood. Drosophila has a total of 17,000 genes that is about 2/3 of the genes found in humans but a large amount of these genes (approx. 70%) were discovered to have similar functions and show significant homology to humans. We are planning to investigate the function of fly genes comprehensively as a suitable model for studying the functional genomics of multicellular organisms.

We (Dr. Ryu Ueda and colleagues made a huge effort to the resource) are maintaining about 13,000 of Drosophila melanogaster mutant stocks, which are distributed to any researchers upon request through the NIG-FLY web site. May 2008, finally our open stocks reached more than 10,000. We are looking forward to receiving orders from you. Thank you.

Main Resources We Have

Using UAS-GAL4 system, the RNAi flies produce double stranded RNA in vivo ,“inducible RNAi”. Since the establishment, RNAi technique has been applied for the identification of genes involved in various phenotypes and gene regulatory systems (see “who are talking about NIG-Fly“).  It is our hope that these RNAi flies will contribute to basic science research.

Kondo and Ueda reported a efficient method with an average germline mutation frequency of 60% using CRISPR/Cas9 technology. We provide protocols and online tools via the Fly Cas9 web site and also distribute Fly lines by the NIG-FLY Stock Center at a nominal charge.